Hospital Cash

What Is A Hospital Cash Plan & Its Benefits?

Regular health insurance plans provide coverage as per the cost that has been incurred during the treatment of a medical condition or disease. However, hospital insurance providers are constantly trying to provide new and exciting offers to lure their potential customers. One such offer is the hospital cash benefit cover offered by Bajaj Finserv. According to this plan, you get a fixed amount every day if you get admitted for a surgery, treatment of a disease or for any other condition that needs dedicated medical care. Some of the features of this insurance plan are given below:

Fixed amount 

The cash benefit plan offered by Bajaj Finserv will not depend on the actual expenses that you bear during the treatment or surgery as it is given to purchase a special diet, pay utility bills, and such other necessities for which you need some extra cash. It is mostly provided as a rider on your existing hospital cash insurance policy. Therefore, it will not take away anything from the emergency or hospitalization cover that you are supposed to get as per your health insurance plan.

Daily benefit 

This hospital cash cover is provided daily but this benefit is applicable only up to certain period. For example, this hospital cash plan of Bajaj Finserv provides a daily amount for up to 30 days. 

Financial support 

You have to take extra care of your health these days as the hospitalization charges, cost of medicines and related expenses have increased a lot. The fees required for X-rays, medical tests, etc. are high enough to take a toll on your financial health. However, the hospital cash cover provided by Bajaj Finserv helps you to stay focused on your goals as it supports you financially when your health is not up to the mark. 

High insured amount 

An amount of Rs. 1000 is provided by this plan daily irrespective of your hospitalization charges. This means that you can end up getting a lot more than the actual cost of your treatment. Also, as there is no restriction on the usage of this amount, you can use it for other purposes as well. 

Applicable for daycare treatments 

Most hospital cash insurance plans do not cover daycare treatments. However, this hospital cash benefit will provide you daily cash benefit even if you are undergoing day care treatment. This means that this cash cover is extensive enough to take care of all your medical treatments. 

Note: The waiting period of the hospital cash plan of Bajaj Finserv is much shorter than your regular health insurance plan. However, the disabilities that existed previously from an accident or medical condition and illnesses that are diagnosed immediately after subscribing to the policy are usually not covered under this benefit. 

Takes care of extra charges 

Sometimes, your regular health plan might not be able to cover your entire hospitalization charges. This hospital cash benefit can save you from bearing the extra expenses easily. It also helps you preserve your health claim bonus as you no longer have to utilize your claim for minor conditions and treatments. You can receive all these benefits by paying a premium of only Rs. 549. Get your hospital cash cover today and get rid of the financial stress that you suffer from due to health concerns!

Therefore, if you are looking for comprehensive hospital cash insurance plans then you can certainly think of subscribing to this hospital cash benefit plan offered by Bajaj Finserv. The sufficient sum insured by this plan along with a broad array of benefits makes it ideal for protecting your financial interests during the treatment of a disease or injury.

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