Sabyasachi Lehengas

Top 5 Seasonal Sabyasachi Lehengas for every occasion

The Sabyasachi lehengas aren’t just a matter of fashion but a commodity of utter luxury. Don’t get me wrong,but owning a lehenga from Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a dream for every other Indian girl. Where, you’ve grown up seeing such extravagant brides and celebrity weddings of Bollywood.

  1. The summer Collection- Pastels

This collection is heavily criticised and appreciated at the same time. Some say that spending eons on something so light and basic is not a very wise decision and idea. Whereas some say that this is a fabulous collection for cotton lehengas, mde for the summer vibes. The material used in this collection is either made out of Cotton, or any light soft and light material.

These Sabyasachi Lehengas are beautiful by themselves, and they aren’t highlighted or complicated using other high end accessories, and designs. No loud stones, threads and stitches to make it even more crowded. The overall design is based on a contrasting dupatta on lehenga.

  1. Charbagh – Chowk collection

This is one of the most awaited, and appreciated Sabyasachi Lehengas collections. The designs are light, yet it has a statement of its own. The collection was designed in a way, where it can be worn as a daylight lehenga as well as a nighttime attire.

The Chowk collection is probably the highest grossing Lehenga collection, that is purchased for other wedding events apart from the wedding itself. The chowk collection, was a really big project that brought out plenty of new options for other events apart from just weddings.

  1. The Neo-Bohemian- Summer Second Version

Well, one summer collection isn’t enough for the Sabyasachi lehengas. There has to be at least two variations in the brand, The Neo-Bohemian is the most Indianized, and unique collection that brought out a different comfort zone for gothic and chrome lovers.

The Neo-Bohemian collection is all about colours, patterns, and shades. The shade card played here, has more than three to four contrasting variations, which gives a really modern as well as classical summer vibe to the lehenga.  Perfect collection for mehndi, snagit, and obviously datetime haldi ceremony.

  1. Modern Reception Affair

The modern Indian brides no longer fall for darker colours. Instead of that Sabyasachi Mukherjee has reimagined the Indian brides for their exorbitant shades and colours. The modern reception affair is all about that neo-Indian bridal collection.

This is the second most talked about bridal collection, that is really common with post wedding events and wedding guests too. The modern reception collection, has options for both impoverished fabrics as well as other wedding related fabrics like brocade, chiffon and other highly asked for fabric in India.

  1. The Sabyasachi Red

The most appropriate and highly chosen bridal collection has to be the Red Sabyasachi Lehengas, which probably escorts all kinds of red in the shade card. Believe me when I say, this collection has almost all kinds of red, copper, blood, rust, fuschia, colar, maroon, burgundy, auburn, fire, wine, brick, currant, mahogany, scarlet, apple, candy, rose, jam, cherry, sangria and of course, the Priyanka Chopra’s Vermillion bridal red lehenga.

So, let’s just say this collection has a mouth of its own and it has no barrier for design and other forms. All The lehengas in this collection, is exclusively designed for modern indian brides, who want to keep their ethnicity of weddings. Which basically means, that these Sabyasachi lehengas are for everyone!

Still having doubts about your idea of a wedding collection? Well, if we start talking about all the Sabyasachi lehengas, then you will hear more than a mouth. So, these were some of the most talked about collections that you had to know about!

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