Social Content & Copyright: What Marketers Can & Can’t Do With Users Social Media Content

Social Sharing – What It Is and Its Benefits

Sharing useful, entertaining, creative, and elusive content on social media channels with millions of people is called social sharing.

With the growing influence and high reach of social media, people love to share their created content and make it available for everyone interested in their type of content.

People share their created content and share content created by others with their friends and followers on social media channels.

Marketers of now have also understood the benefits of social sharing. Besides generating their own branded content, they are also reposting or sharing other people’s content on their accounts to entertain, educate, and promote their brand with people.

It has proven to increase the number of followers, strong social presence, increase audience reach, and keep them engaged with useful content for brands.

However, some social media terms and regulations ensure no one can use or share other content on their account. Thus, here comes the importance of understanding social media content rights and what you can & can’t do with other users’ social media content.

Without any further due, let’s learn more about copyrights!! 

What Are Social Media Copyrights?

Can you download any image from Google and use it on your website? Can you copy any other website content and use it to create your blog just with adding pictures in it?

It’s a big No! Because of the copyrights and legal laws associated with using other content.

Similarly, social media content also contains copyright, and no one can use it on their social media account to promote their account, increase followers, or add content.

As per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, anything shared on social media has automatically given the copyright to the content owner.

 People will become the owner of their created content as they publish on the social media channels, and no one can use its content without asking their consent.

AnythingAnything published on social media, whether it is text, images, videos, music, or combination, once shared on social media, becomes the intellectual property of the content creator.

Copyrights mean that if anyone has the copyrighted material, no one claims it to be their own and cannot use it without the owner’s permission.

Why Should Marketers Learn Social Media Copyrights?

Marketers are representatives of their brands, and it is their responsibility to maintain the reputation of theirs.

Using the content of others without the owner consent, increase the risk of legal actions on their claim by the content owners.

It will result in unwanted legal trouble, waste of tons, millions of dollars, and spending so much of precious time fighting against claims.

Thus, a responsible marketer needs to understand and maintain social media content copyrights and keep themselves away from any breach of content laws. 

What Can Marketers & Can’t Do To Share Social Media Content?

Every brand and marketer knows that more than branded content, the people’s social media content is more valuable. It builds trust, increases conversions, and saves money that is spent in creating fresh new content.

So here are the right practices that marketers can use to share social media content with others. Let’s get started:

  • Don’t Forget To Give Credits: Even if you are using free-stock images or sharing your followers’ created content, always make sure to give them proper credit. Mention their account name correctly, use the hashtag, use tag, and write something in appreciation for exchanging their efforts and time to create the content.
  • Don’t Use Licensed Music: This is the very common mistake made by most of the marketers while creating content for social media. They all add licensed music on the background of their content unknowingly of the copyrights. Due to this, many brands step into legal troubles and have to pay lots of money as fine.
  • Ask Permission From The Content Owner: Another important aspect of using social media content of others is to ask permission. Even Terms of Service of social media channels clearly says that one can only share content with others unless they earned content rights from the owner.
  • Use Rights Management Tools: Another great way to professionally and legally earn social media content and avoiding the risk of legal troubles is with user rights management tools. With such a tool, you can get any type of content from social media, whether audio, video or images and get all the legal proof. 

Final Word

Social media is full of a plethora of users’ created content, and you can use it for your brand’s marketing.

However, you only need to follow social media content copyrights and understand how to lawfully use them for your marketing purposes.

One of the safe and effective ways to use social media content is with user rights management tools. Taggbox UGC Rights Management is one of the popular tools integrated with the various social media platforms and gives you an interface from where you can earn social media content rights effectively with all legal proofs.

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