5 Things not to do with Custom Apparel Boxes that can be Harmful to Your Business

People want to receive their luxurious clothes in classic packaging that has the ‘wow’ element in it. Personalized apparel packages are exactly what they need. Made from cardboard, kraft, or corrugated cardboard, these sturdy packages can be made in any size – small, medium, or large, according to the requirement of the product. They can be bought in fewer quantities as well as a wholesale quantity. They can be given any unique shape like tuck end, set up, gable, telescope, round or foldable. Embossing, debossing, die-cutting, silver or gold foiling, and aqueous or spot UV coating, there is hardly a printing technique you cannot get on them. You have to be super creative in their production, so they become your best business friends, or else they can bring quite bad luck for your business.

Worried that your business might flunk if you do not use the right boxes for your products? Do worry but remember your mind is capable of doing things better than just fretting. Use it to think smartly and creatively. If you do not want to make your brand become a laughing stock for the audience, use trendy apparel boxes with logo. But get it stuck to your mind not to make the given 5 mistakes that can affect your apparel business growth in the long run.

1.   Hard-to-open packaging 

Customers buy from you to breathe a sigh of relief, not to go mad with frustration. Even if your sent product is of premium quality, but its packaging is a nightmare, nobody is going to repurchase or recommend you anymore. They do not like impossible-to-open custom luxury boxes, so as a good clothing brand, what you need to do is not to over complicate the packages. Do not use extra tapings that one has to fetch a knife or scissors from the kitchen to cut open the box and get access to their dresses. This could be your biggest mistake ever. Keep your packages simple, easy to open yet secure. And if you are so much concerned about the safety of your garments, use innovative magnetic or self-adhesive seals.

2.     Overdesigning or overcrowding

You might be making the mistake of overloading your packages with designs blatantly. But you have to stop right this instant or sooner your business will be at rock bottom. When it comes to gifting luxurious clothes, people do not want them to come in apparel boxes with logo that are too bright, overflowing with patterns or text, and painful to look at. Hence, keep them sensually appealing and do not make your items scream ‘there is much going on here, I cannot breathe.’ Use a minimalistic design that is suitable for your clothing items. Minimalism might not be the hero of your packaging design, but it certainly can rescue you from hitting lows. For customers who love to give items in too classy to look at packages, luxury apparel boxes with minimal and thematic designs are a must-have. Nonetheless, you can use colorful designs but without including text in a dozen different fonts, off-theme hues, or many graphics. 

3.     Unwanted space in the package

Using a big rigid box for your single shirt or necktie would be one of the biggest blunders of your entire business journey. There is no doubt that keeping your apparel from exposure to insects, moisture, or heat is a top priority. But you do not have to use large corrugated boxes for that purpose. Big boxes mean that there is plenty of useless and unwanted space in the package and that the package can hold not one but several similar articles. For better apparel packaging, say goodbye to space-wasting packages. Use either appropriately sized custom luxury boxes with inner slots or fillers to brim the empty space such as an insert for necktie or belt and buckle. This will keep the item secure in one place and not make the customer utter ‘what the heck’? 

4.     Accidental wrong labeling 

Often on our in-store or online shopping expeditions, we receive products with wrong labeling. A wrong label for your product? So repulsive. For instance, you forgot to get the labeling of products on your luxury apparel boxes rechecked. The customer receives the order, only to replace his happiness with confusion. What do you think he will feel upon receiving the ordered T-shirt with the label of polo shirt? Obviously, he would first be utterly confused for the order was not of the latter but of former. But then he would be at ease seeing the packed item, in fact, is a polo shirt. This might be a funny experience for the customer, but what if the word about your wrong product labeling gets out? It would be an alarming situation for your one mistake can put the whole brand repute at stake. 

5.     Non-interactive packaging

Your packaging does more than just holding and keeping the item secure. It does reflect not only your brand values but also conveys a great deal about what your product is, which is why it is necessary that you do thematic designing. Do customization but keeping in mind the kind and purpose of your product. Do not mislead your audience by giving ambiguous touch or awful designs to your custom apparel boxes that fail to communicate properly. For example, displaying a necktie in a sleeved unstitched dress box does not go along well. Customers prefer packaging that appeals to their senses and makes them stop and stare for once. And also the one that provides accurate information about the article inside.   

Good product, bad packaging? No! you can do far better than that. Upgrade your customized packaging from worst to best, and if not best, to better. Utilize apparel boxes with logo, appealing labels, and prints.  Say no to over customization, terrible designs, extra spaces, and mistakes alike. Use packaging that reflects and advertises your business in effective ways. And if you want to get them for even lesser pricing, you may opt for apparel boxes wholesale that not only reduces the price but also enables you to meet the bulk orders of the customers.

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